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  As we begin to rebuild the Reform Party, we need the resources and commitment from all interested Americans.

What unites all members of the Reform Party is our drive for clean, responsible government, a balanced budget and an end to the runaway spending that has pushed our national debt to over $12 trillion. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

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Reform Party seeking 2012 Federal, State, Local Candidates(Comments Off)

The Reform Party is soliciting potential candidates for office including:

President and Vice President
Federal Legislature
Governors and other State-level offices
State Legislatures
County and other Local Races

If you are interested in seeking office either on the Reform Party ballot line or as a Reform Party-supported independent, please contact us at

The Reform Party has already been informed of three individuals from a strong self-made background who have expressed an interest in running as President or Vice-President, and we are actively seeking others.

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